Easy Tips for Dining Out Zero Waste Style

Easy Tips for Dining Out Zero Waste Style

Feb 17, 2020 · Article · Blog

If you are like me, there's nothing that makes me happier than going out to eat for a nice meal in the vibrant city of Auckland.

However, eating out can be one of the biggest waste-makers in our everyday lives. How many times have you seen people drinking their coffee at Cafés but in a takeaway cup? Have you ever had juices and smoothies in plastic cups with plastic lids with plastic straws at a juice bar or a fast-food restaurant?

We at A Good Store have come up with some suggestions for eating out zero waste style without compromising on convenience! Wave bye-bye to the eco-guilt of all that waste!

1. For drinks: 

  • Bring your own cups: Instead of the disposable paper cups or plastic cups, carry your own reusable coffee cup with you on the go. A stainless steel tumbler or stainless steel double wall insulated water bottle would be ideal for this purpose.
  • Carry your water with you: Never leave home without your water bottle. It will help you stay hydrated during the day.
  • Bring your straw: If you are a straw person, bringing a reusable stainless steel straw with you when dining out! Most Cafés and restaurants in Auckland are going plastic-straw free. From smoothies to iced drinks to bubble tea, you can easily enjoy a cup of your favourite using your reusable metal straw without putting strain to our Mother Earth! Oh, be sure to get a straw cleaner to keep your straw fresh and clean between use. 


    2. For foods: 

    • Bring your own cutlery: say no the plastic cutlery and bring your own utensil set. This could be a special set of stainless steel utensils that you keep in your bag, a spork or a fork and a knife!
    • Lunchbox: Stainless steel food containers are perfect for packing foods on a go! Besides carrying your lunch to work or on a picnic, it can also be used for storing restaurant left-overs, buying foods from food trucks. Our "Travelling Trio" and "Suitcase" food containers are made for this task! They are made from 304 food-grade stainless steel, leakproof and durable. Sushi, beef pho, fried rice or pizza, you name it! Oh, did I mention that the round container is perfect for getting ice cream?

    Stainless steel food containers

    "Travelling Trio" - Nesting stainless steel food storage container set (3pc)


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